More About Derek

Derek DeWolf | Windermere Real Estate/Capitol Hill, Inc.

My referral-based business is organically fueled by an unparalleled passion for service that nurtures long-lasting relationships with the neighbors who make our city so bright.  Being born and raised in the Seattle area equips me with an in-depth understanding of neighborhoods, schools, transit, growth trends and zoning—these are vital aspects of expertise to possess when advising on real estate decisions. My clients thrive in an empowering environment that helps them to make the best decisions for their needs while receiving valuable information and tailored service. Real estate is a relationship business. My clients are served well by a balance of strategy, kindness and attentiveness in concert with world-class connections and referrals within the broker community. I show up in business as I do in life, fully committed and present. Real estate is a vibrant enhancement to my life because I’m able to be my authentic self and share my passion with clients. Passion is reflected in ones performance so please take a moment to read my most recent reviews for an understanding of how I work and why my services will benefit you. I look forward to connecting.